Flag football continues to show dramatic growth and is one of the fastest growing sports in North America and the world!  This means that as the sport grows in popularity with participants, the greater the need for more officials

  • You can start officiating at the age of 13, however you will be limited to officiating the younger age divisions
  • Every referee is required to register online and obtain their Football Manitoba/Football Canada Fee Membership. This is a yearly fee.
    Starting in 2021 Football Canada is implementing 2 different memberships: a Non-Contact Official membership and a Tackle Official membership. 
    Officials that referee both will have to obtain both memberships, however the Football Manitoba annual membership will only be charged to officials once within the calendar year.

  • Referees are required to supply their own jerseys.  You may purchase your own through the Football Manitoba office (approx $35).
  • We provide free training for new referees, as well as refresher clinics for returning referees.  Dates and times will be announced ahead of the season start.
  • Referees will receive their assignments through our website referee platform.
  • All pay for officiating is paid out at the end of the season.  There are no deductions from your pay unless you have a balance owing.  i.e. your unpaid registration or a jersey purchase.

Download the Flag Officials Manual

If you are interested in officiating flag football or would like more information, please email or contact:

Technical Coordinator – Football Manitoba


506-145 Pacific Avenue

Winnipeg, Manitoba